New Covenant Women

Our Desire
To discover and experience the freedom and desire to be all that God created us to be.

Our Heart

  •  Abundant in grace and character
  •  Distinct passion for each other 
  • Wise and brave bearers of the image of Jesus Christ 


Our Hands and Feet FACEtime
A Gathering of Women of All Ages
2nd Friday of each month 6:30 pm
(in the Warehouse) 

• Topical studies
• Breakout groups
• Prayer
• Fellowship, praise, and worship

Questions regarding FACEtime? Contact Karlie Row at

Local and Global Outreach

Our group of women support the needs of our fellowship, local communities, and missions abroad. Efforts have included support for cancer patients and their families, MealTrain for families in need, and mission support in both Ecuador and Turkey. 

Moms Cafe

1st Wednesday of each month
10:00 am
(in the Foyer)

Mom’s Cafe is a place where we can pray together, laugh together, and share our joys (and struggles) together. We’re all on the journey of motherhood— so join us for coffee and some much needed mom fellowship!

We provide a childcare and a homeschool room. Please bring a snack and homework for those children in the homeschool room.

Bible Studies

·         Turning Your Heart Towards God – Do you want to brush up on your Spanish reading / speaking skills? Do you have a Spanish speaking friend that would benefit from a Spanish bible study? Join Gloria Williams on Monday evening from 6-7 pm in the Warehouse Conference Room. No sign up needed…join any time…just come!