Leader Questions

1. What is your favorite color? 

2. What exotic animal would you have as a household pet? 

3. Long walks on the beach or Hiking through a tropical rainforest? 

4. Summarize your relationship with Jesus in 4 words? 



Rich and Jessica Trujillo

Rich and Jessica have been married for 7 years and have a deep passion for ministry and youth. They have been serving in ministry close to 10 years now and currently head up Revive middle school ministry as well as our Young Adults college Ministry. They are so blessed to serve alongside one another and to serve our students here at New Covenant. 

Rich Trujillo: 
1. Green preferably emerald
2. Monkey, but a small one that stays hanging on my back. 
3. Hiking through a tropical rainforest with a machete
4. Overwhelming, overflowing, filled, freeing 

Jessica Trujillo
1. Green but not just run of the mill green, but a lighter aspen tree leaf green or teal. 
2. An elephant
3. Hiking through a mountainous forest (Less humidity) 
4. A life of surrender

Christian Roland

1. Lavender, like the town Ash Ketchum caught those ghost Pokemon. 

2. Sloth 

3. Long walks on the beach at sunset

4. Pursuing to be Christlike 



Isabelle Solis: 

1. Yellow

2. Tiger (Not like Shere Khan in the Jungle Book) 

3. Hiking through a tropical rainforest

4. God is good, Always


Abigail (Abba) Rakes: 

1. Sunset Orange

2. Leopard 

3. Long walks on the beach (to walk alongside my sunset orange leopard during the orange sunset) 

4. Trusting, peaceful, exciting, genuine. 


Tyler Adams: 

1. Green

2. monkey

3. Tropical Rainforest

4. Gave me a Life