Our lives span the spectrum from awesome to mediocre and messy. At NCC, we know that life’s journey shouldn’t be navigated alone. Our desire is to connect with God and with others who share life’s ups and downs with grace, and not judgment. Small Groups do life together, building community through authentic relationships. .

Small Groups are the heart of our church and the perfect place to form lifelong relationships with other believers. When you attend a Small Group, you can look forward to discussing Sunday’s teaching and spending time in fellowship and prayer with one another. We hope you’ll consider sharing your journey with us. For more information, visit the Welcome Center on Sunday mornings.

If you've spent any time at New Covenant, you've heard about the tremendous impact our Small Groups are having in the lives of the people God has brought here. When you attend a Small Group, you’ll be able to discuss the teaching from Sunday and spend time in fellowship and prayer for one another. 

Currently, we have around 20 Small Group meetings— and we’re in need of Small Group Leaders! NCC is growing and we need leaders in every area of Albuquerque. We’ll provide all the necessary training to get your own Small Group up and running. Connect with Kyle Webb at or 505-857-9875 ext. 18.

Current Group List

See below for more information on a Small Group meeting in your area.

Sunday Groups


Group Leader: Mel Morris  Email: Phone: 505-610-0525 

Study: Topical Day: Sunday Time: 11:00am

Childcare: Children in Kidz Ministry


Group Leader: Robert Luke  Email: Phone: 505-350-1450

Study: Topical Day: Sunday Time: 9:30AM

Childcare: Yes

Paseo and Rainbow

Group Leader: Ralph and Heather Mayer  Email: Phone: 505-359-9757

Study: Sermon Based Day: Sunday Time: 4:00 PM

Childcare: Open to semi-independant children - no babysitter present 


At NCC (Warehouse Room 108)


Group Leader: Chris Olson  Email: Phone: (Chris) 505-453-5223

Study: Inductive Bible Study Day: Monday's, Starting January 16th Time: 6:00- 7:30 AM

Childcare: No

At NCC (Worship Center Upper Room)


Group Leader: Ashlee Webb   Phone: 505-306-2242

Study: Beth Moore's, Sacred Secrets Day: Monday Time: 6:30 PM

Childcare: No


Paseo and Edith


Group Leader: Matthew & Margaret Thomas  Email: Phone: 202-302-9422

Study: Book Study Day: Tuesday Time: 6:00 pm

Childcare: No

Osuna and Vista Del Norte

Group Leader: Todd and Kerri Kustra  Email: Phone: 937-554-8427

 Day: Every Tuesday  Time: 6:30 pm

Childcare: Yes

Peseo del Norte and Wyoming

Group Leader: Dan and Kristie Johnson  Phone: 505-400-0926

Study: Sermon Based Day: Tuesdays Time: 7:00 pm

Childcare: Open to semi-independant children - no babysitter present

Academy and McKinney


Group Leader: Alan and Theresa Martinez  Email: Phone: 505-452-7091 (Alan)

Study: Book Study Day: Every other Tuesday Time: Please Contact (Email/Phone)

Childcare: No

Paseo and Ventura

Group Leader: Frank Sloan  Email: Phone: 505-259-5684

Study: Topical Day: Every Tuesday Time: 7:00 pm

Childcare: No

Candelaria and Pennsylvania

Group Leader: Chris Thomas  Email: Phone: 505-379-3297

Study: Sermon Based Day: Every Tuesday Time: 6:30 pm

Childcare: No


Placitas Area

Group Leader: Michael and Jeremie Sare Email: Phone: 505-771-0180

Study: Book Study Day:  Wednesday Time: 6:30 pm

Childcare: No

NCC Warehouse Room 105

Group Leader: Chris Olson Email: Phone: 505-453-5223

Study: Bible Study Day:  Wednesday Time: 11:30 am

Childcare: No

NE Heights - Sickles and Hadley

Group Leader: David Sickles  Email: Phone: 505-299-9650

Study: Selected scriptures Day: Wednesday Time: 7:00pm

Childcare: No

Montgomery and Louisiana 

Group Leader: Bill and Ruth Maxey  Email: Phone: 505-239-0073

Study: Sermon Based Day: Wednesday Time: 6:30pm

Childcare: No

Paseo and 4th

Group Leader: Chris Thomas  Email: Phone: 505-379-3297

Study: Book based Day: Wednesdays Time: 6:30pm

Childcare: No

Comanche and Moon


Group Leader: Loretta Goatcher  Email: Phone: 505-238-7005

Study: Book based Day: Wednesdays Time: Please Contact (Email/Phone)

Childcare: No

Paseo and Edith

Group Leader: David & Peggy Hilliard Email: Phone: 303-919-4215

Study: Sermon Based Day:  Wednesday Time: 6:30 pm

Childcare: No


Wyoming and  Indian School

Group Leader: David and Carlyn Matia  Email: TBD Phone: 505-205-9712

Study: Sermon Based (Young Married) Day: Every other Thursday Time: 6:30 PM

Childcare: Yes

Paseo and Holbrook

Group Leader: Kim and Erika Sassaman  Email: Phone: 505-697-8865

Study: Sermon Based Day: Every other Thursday Time: 6:30pm

Childcare: Open to semi-independant children - no babysitter present


NCC Building (Men's group)

Group Leader: Greg Nelson  Email:  Phone: 505-331-8562

Study: Study Based Day: Saturday Time: 8:00am

Childcare: Open to semi-independant children - no babysitter present