Disciple & Leader Training

Disciple and Leader Training (DLT) is an intensive series of coursework, designed to prepare men and women of the church for leadership and/or encourage stronger walks of discipleship.

Training consists of varied 12-week courses, offered quarterly over a 2-year period. Educators include pastors, staff and other mentors. No degrees or grades are issued. Course offered will be outlined prior to participation, but are subject to change. Curriculum is derived from various publications and teachings. Those interested in church leadership positions, including the position of pastor, will be assigned various mentors throughout their training and are expected to participate in on-the-job education as well as completing all course work.


  • How to Study & Apply the Bible Tuesdays 6:30pm - 8pm from August 27th - November 19th COST: $80

    Learn to make self-discoveries in God’s word, apply the discoveries to your life and share them with others. Become equipped to plan and lead bible studies, identify biblical genres and adapt their techniques, journal and record, experience richer & more intimate quiet-times with Jesus.

    Course Texts: Living by the Book (Hendricks), Bible Study Methods (Warren), How to Study Your Bible (Arthur)

  • Introduction to the Old Testament Wednesdays 6:30pm - 8pm from August 28th - November 20th COST: $80

    Course Texts: Survey of the Old Testament (Hill & Watson), Survey of the Old Testament Handbook (Hill & Watson)

  • Basics of Biblical Greek Mondays 12pm - 1pm from August 26th - November 18th . COST: $80

    Course Texts: Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar (4th Edition), Basics of Biblical Greek Workbook (4th Edition)

Open to men and women from New Covenant and outside the church. Applicants under 18 will be considered but may require additional interview.

Limited scholarships available. To be considered, please complete enrollment form and contact chriso@nccabq.org.